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Wanda Paulette Harris

Fine Art Painter, Muralist and Portrait Artist

Born in Melbourne, FL

Lives & works in Miami, FL


I am constantly seeking to portray life as I see it, full of its mysteries and surprises.  I experiment a lot, working to add to each genre of paintings as I journey through this life of art.  My spirituality is evident in my work as I know that the Almighty Creator has gifted me with the ability and opportunity  to express life through art. 

I rely on texture, color and abstraction of form as a method of conceptual support and development of the composition. In my work, I strategically apply the subtle use of color to spontaneously capture the viewer long before the theme or message of the composition is realized. My themes generally depict the African American lifestyle, but often can be related to any ethnicity.  I am inspired by history, be it social, religious or architecture.  I am moved by the beauty of nature such as the sea, precious gemstones and botanical elements.  The interpretation and expression of these influences drive the one constant passion I possess, the love of creating beautiful and imaginative works of art.  I endeavor to create and compose art that capture the spirit of my culture and intrigue the viewers, endearing them to my work for years to come. 

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